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TempOromandibular Joint (TMJ) Surgery


The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the 2 joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull. More specifically, they are the joints that slide and rotate in front of each ear, and consist of the mandible (the lower jaw) and the temporal bone (the side and base of the skull).

Disorders of the TMJ can cause a lot of problems:

  • Myofascial pain and referal pain
  • Derangement of the joint
  • Degenerative joint disease


Signs of TMJ disorder include discomfort and soreness, headaches, clicking and popping, locking the jaw, clenching and grinding teeth (and flat tips of teeth), and a poor overlap of the jaw.

The temporomandibular joints are critical to proper jaw function. Many conditions may affect the TM joint. Both medical and surgical interventions can improve joint functions and pain. We specialise in TMJ disorders and surgical treatment to correct the issue.

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